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Free Electronic Waste Pickup and Recycling Services

Free Electronic Waste Pickup and Recycling Services

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E-Waste Recycling Company in Maryland & Delaware

Get rid of your old electronic waste without hassle with Elkton Ewaste Recycling.

We offer free e-waste removal & recycling services in Cecil County, Maryland, and New Castle, Delaware. Schedule a pick-up now.

Pick Up Conditions

We don’t charge anything for our pick-up services. However, before scheduling a pick-up, ensure there are a minimum of 10 items to be picked up. We consider cords as one item.

We collect everything from small electronic items to big appliances, including:

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Cell phones

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Air conditioners

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What We Do

  • Free e-waste removal services to residential and commercial places
  • Guaranteed data destruction on all electronic devices that require it
  • We do not take the e-waste from the hospital or medical industry and ensure they don’t come into contact with biowaste
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Free Pick-ups

Do you have a storeroom filled with outdated boards, wires, components, & towers? Contact us now to schedule a free pick-up. We'll come and haul it off and help you reclaim that space!

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