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Passionate Residential & Commercial E-Waste Removal Company

Elkton Ewaste Recycling was started as a hobby by Dan Whartonand then transformed into a business. We are a passion-driven e-waste removal company and have been in the industry for the last seven years.

How It Works

We pick it up if it runs on electricity, whether battery-operated or plugged into a wall. From computers to cell phones, we take everything. Just schedule a pickup with us and sit back, relax. We will arrive at the scheduled day and pick your e-waste up. We may break the items down in a re-manufacturing process to properly recycle the parts.

A person holding up a phone with a green recycling symbol on it.
A broken iphone is laying on its side.

Our Specialty

Keeping the environment clean with recycling e-waste is our main motto. Being a passion-fueled business, we do it free of cost. To enjoy our free pick-up services, schedule a pickup for a minimum of 10 items. By recycling electronic waste, we mitigate the effects of harmful components on our environment.